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Christ-Centered Easter Baskets
As Christians, we believe that Easter is about a lot more than just the bunny. We use this time as a chance to reach out into the community with the story of hope that Christ provided to us. Over 500 children all over Las Vegas were blessed this year with a basket full of toys, candy, books and the true story of Easter.

Remember us when you see those "after the holiday" sales!! We have room to get ready for next year and will be happy to accept any Easter items that are donated.

Back to School
Each year, thousands of children in Las Vegas start a new school year in the same old, non-fitting clothes that they wore the year before. They carry plastic bags instead of backpacks. These same children are forced to rely on the schools and the teachers to provide simple learning necessities such as paper and pencils.

For the Least of These has taken notice! Along with the help of generous donors, our goal is to provide 2 new outfits including socks, undies and shoes; along with a backpack stuffed with school supplies, to over 300 children this August.

We need your help!! Our wonderful friends at JC Penny and Old Navy allow us to buy clothing for pennies on the dollar. Gift cards to either of these stores are greatly needed and of course, cash donations are always a blessing. Click on our "donate" button now to help!

In 2008, For the Least of These and our partnering agencies were able to provide Thanksgiving Dinner to 300 families but we are not stopping there! Our goal for 2009 is to provide 500 families with a beautiful basket including everything you need to enjoy a holiday feast.

All baskets are assembled by volunteers and are delivered to families the week before Thanksgiving. If you would be interested in donating a basket, the basic ingredients are as follows...

Gift Certificate for $15-$20 for meat 2-4 Cans of Vegetables

1 Box Mashed (instant) Potatoes 1-2 Boxes Jello/Pudding

1-2 Cans of Sweet Potatoes 1 Complete Dessert

1-2 Boxes Stuffing 1 Bag Marshmallows

1-2 Boxes Pasta/Rice-a-Roni 2-4 Cans of Fruit

1-2 Cans Cranberry Sauce

Other items such as paper plates, napkins, candles, etc. make the baskets festive and a true gift for the receiving family.

Just as the food baskets are about sharing love through gifts, we use toys, clothing, toiletries, household items, etc. to share the love of Christ at this wonderful time of year. Jesus didn't ask us for a gift on His birthday, he gave us one, so we want to pass on that love by sharing with others.

If you can help in any way, we desperately need the following...

Toys for young boys--Hot Wheels, Legos, Monster Trucks, Sports Balls, Magnetix, etc.

Toys for young girls--Barbie, Princesses, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.

Gifts for teen boys--Gift Cards, Cologne, Sports Equipment, Wallets, Hoodies, etc.

Gifts for teen girls--Gift Cards, Bath/Body Products, Perfume, Costume Jewelry, etc.

Gifts for adults--Gift Cards, New Household Items such as towels, sheets, Cologne/Perfume, etc.

All gifts should be NEW and unwrapped. We provide wrapping paper and tape to all families in need. We also provide food boxes to help stretch the paycheck through the holidays. These boxes include basic staple items such as pasta, rice, beans, soups, veggies, fruits, hygiene products, etc.

Bless Someone This Christmas Just Like Christ Blesses Us!!!!

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